Seminars on Emerging Media

This past winter I developed a 6-month series of seminars for businesses and organizations on emerging media. My seminars covered website maintenance, WordPress training, content creation, and social media–from introductory to advanced as well as targeted topics such as social media and government. With my background in media psychology, I of course also wove in information about the core elements of a psychological sense of community and their importance to social interactions both online and offline.

Through data, insider tips, group role play, worksheets, and discussion I led groups through the WHY and HOW of integrating emerging media into a business — including the importance of developing an effective social media plan.

Seminars on Emerging Media for Businesses by Jenny Fremlin, PhD

It was a lot of fun to cover topics over a six month period and watch as the social media sphere of influence changed during that time. In November I was touting Pinterest and Tumblr as platforms to watch. By April I was covering the explosive growth and impact Pinterest was having on social media use.

Next winter I’ll be building a new series of seminars. If you’re interested in taking any of the past seminars or have suggestions for new topics, please send me a message! I’ve started wait lists for past seminars, and if there is enough interest in a topic I will set up a special presentation–through Webex or locally depending on who signs up.

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