Blogging is all over the radar today.

One study shows that blogging, even just reading and responding to blogs, helps new moms adjust to parenthood. The social support from mommy blogging is good for your health, mental and physical, and may even boost your home relationships.

Teens who blogged in another study showed improved self-esteem, social confidence and emotional states compared to others who wrote private diaries or did nothing.

Blogs are also coming back into popularity with businesses. In 2012 blogs are projected to have the most growth of all social media presences — which as a whole are getting increased investment.

Maybe it's an evening out. Blogs were the first big thing in social media. Then things went shorter and faster, and the time investment to maintain a healthy blog became a struggle for individuals and businesses. Now blogs are refreshingly in-depth. The trick is figuring out where that sweet spot is between too much time and just enough information.

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