Gaming for health and family

Looking for new ways to spend time with family? Get in some bonding time, learn something new, and even boost your well-being by playing video games together. I highly recommend Minecraft for some good family fun. Intimidated by gaming? Ask your kid for help, that can be a great experience on its own. Embedded Link […]

Mobile Use in 2013

The predictions are now reality for mobile in 2013, plus time on mobile is catching up to tv viewing. "At 224 million, U.S. users of applications on mobile devices has passed those 221 million people on laptop and desktop computers, according to Flurry Analytics. Now app-use hours are rivaling television watching, with 52 million Americans […]

Random Strangers

Art photography that makes you think about the complex interactions between individuals, media, and strangers — now that's my kind of book. Get this digital book while it's free, Ryan is an amazing and insightful artist. Google+: View post on Google+

Gaming & Well Being

Seniors who game have better sense of emotional well-being. Embedded Link Seniors who play video games report better sense of emotional well-being New research finds that older adults who play video games report higher levels of emotional well-being. Google+: View post on Google+

Self Portraits & Media Psych

Ever wonder about the impact of profile photos? If so, there's a piece on social psychology research and self portraits at Mashable you'll want to read: In it, there's a great point by +Pamela Rutledge about our tailored representations of self being based on social spaces across on/offline interactions. We use different photos and content […]