Facebook and ‘choosing sadness’

Two interesting articles popped up the same day, even though they were published in different months. And they may have an interesting link. One looks at how, and why, depressed participants ‘choose sadness‘ across studies more often than the control participants, even though it makes them more sad. The other is a study shows a […]

Shapeshifting Furniture of the Future

“…in the future, computers aren’t going to look like computers. They’re going to be embedded in everything around us.” MIT Unveils The Shapeshifting Furniture Of The Future The Transform, from M’ITs Tangible Media Group, changes shape depending upon how users interact with it. Imagine a chair that could transform from an upright rocker to a […]

Are the kids OK?

If you were at my social media table at the ASTE Leadership Summit last weekend, the book I shared with you is now available as a free PDF (for non-commercial use): http://www.danah.org/itscomplicated/. danah shares a much-needed, well-balanced perspective on how and why kids use social media. The differences between kids’ and adults’ expectations are also […]